Bailan - Koh Chang - Thailand
Bailan - Koh Chang - Thailand
Bailan - Koh Chang - Thailand
Bailan - Koh Chang - Thailand
Bailan - Koh Chang - Thailand
Bailan - Koh Chang - Thailand
Bailan - Koh Chang
Bailan - Koh Chang
Bailan - Koh Chang - Thailand
About Bailan

At high tide villagers are fishing, at low tide, they go for shells and crabs.

It' not rare to observe birds of prey like this.

Small thai restaurant in Bailan

Nice place for take a lunch

Nut in front of her beauty salon next to The Lucky Gecko

Small beach next to Bailan Beach Resort

Sunset in Bailan

Overview Bailan
Bailan is a small village in the southwest of Koh Chang between the party zone of Lonely Beach (1.5 km to the north) and the old fishermen village Bang Bao (5 km south) with seafood restaurants and souvenir and handcrafts shops.

Many residents of Bailan are locals, taking care to develop soft tourism to protect the nature.
You will find no 'Walking Street' with Ladybars over and over, no disco or beach party, but you will find a place of friendliness in the middle of an amazing powerfull nature between the mountains and the sea.

Still no need to miss party! As the party mile of Lonely Beach is just 1.5 km away, it is easy to have fun there all night long and chill out in your quiet bungalow in Bailan, watching the sunrise over the sea.

The jungle around Bailan
The jungle surrounding Bailan
Facilities Bailan
There is a Phonebooth at the center of Bailan and an Internet Café providing the most common communication programms like Skype and a bunch of Instant Messengers. It is also well equiped for uploading and printing photos and burn CDs and DVDs.
You can use your mobile phone all over the island.

Shopping & More
There are 3 shops/supermarkets for necessities and several shops for clothes, souvenirs and more.
Don't bother washing your clothes, beach towels or swimsuits during your holidays! One of the many laundries can do this for you. It's inexpensive and easy.

Health & Beauty
The Herbal Sauna Bailan provides steam bath, massage, treatments for your hair, face and skin and much more.

You can rent different kinds of motorbikes at several places. Gasoline in bottles is sold at almost every house, but there are also 2 pumps, one at each end of Bailan. Gasoline is less expensive there.
If you have problems with your motorbike (e.g. a flat tire), come to Mrs. Junn's shop at the south end of Bailan, opposite to the Herbal Sauna or ask at Coconut Café.

Please refer to the detailed map of Bailan to locate your places of interest.
Medical Care
The most common health problems on Koh Chang are sunburns, insect bites, infected little wounds and grazes from motorbike accidents.

If you encounter one of the problems mentioned above, the Bang Bao Health Center will give you professional help for reasonable prices. (No need to pay 4.000.- Baht just to see the doctor like in some private hospitals on the island).

They also do Malaria Tests, giving you the result next day.

Hospital in Bang Bao
5 minutes from Bailan: the Bang Bao Health Center

Security in Bailan
On Koh Chang, crime rate is very low. Nevertheless, there are Police boxes and stations well-spread all over the island.

In Bailan, the Police Box is at the south end between Miss Junn's Shop and Rock Inn (see map of Bailan).

Police Box Bailan
The telephone number of Police Box Bailan is 0-3955-8078.

For special cases or when you encounter communication problems, local Police may help you to contact the next Tourist Police Office.

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Buddha Medaillions
Relaxing Place in Bailan on Koh Chang
Drying Chillies in Bailan on Koh Chang
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Bird in Bailan on Koh Chang