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About Koh Chang Island in the Gulf of Thailand

A perfect beach 2 km north from Bailan.

Small shrine provided for monks coming to bless a house.

Elephant Trekking can be big fun for the whole family.

The Elephant Camp in the north offers Trekkings, where you can take a bath in the river with the elephants.

On Koh Chang, you will find a lot of places inviting to relax.

Chinese Temple consacred to the 'god' of Koh Chang.

Ban Bang Bao in the south. Here start almost all the boats for diving, snorkeling and fishing.

View from one of the many seafood restaurants at Bang Bao's Pier. There are also great shopping opportunities.

The National Marine Park Koh Chang
The National Marine Park Koh Chang consists of 51 islands near the border to Cambodia. Koh Chang is the largest island of this archipelago and the number 2 in Thailand after Phuket.

About 80% of the mountainous island is covered with dense jungle, home of a huge variety of animals, such as 74 bird species, apes, lizards and much more.
Watch out for them on a guided jungle tour or elephant trekking. You can also do wildlife watching during a bath at one of the waterfalls scattered all over the island.

As the sea between the islands is part of the National Park, there are excellent snorkeling and diving sites, where you will be surrounded by corals and thousands of fishes.

Underwater World around Koh Chang
Photo taken during a snorkeling trip around Koh Chang
Seasons on Koh Chang
The Koh Chang Archipelago knows two seasons:

The dry season (November to May)
Not so hot from November to Dezember(26° to 30°), then temperatures raises up to 35°.
Even in the busiest time from Dezember to May, the island is not overcrowded.

The raining season or green season (June to Oktober)
From time to time there may be heavy rain. Nevertheless, there are still sunny days and resorts, hotels, restaurants and facilities are open. So it is a good time for a visit for those looking for more quiet holidays.
Almost all resorts and hotels offer special low green season prices!

One of many sunny days during Green Season
Sunny days in green season on a beach 2 km from Bailan
Infrastructure of Koh Chang
In opposition to the other islands around, Koh Chang has fulltime electricity and a developed infrastructure.

There are bank offices, ATMs, police stations and hospitals all around the island. In the last years, a growing number of dental clinics and even a plastic surgery clinic opened their doors on Koh Chang.

Shopping for clothes or souvenirs is as easy as finding brand optical glasses or contact lenses for unbeatable prices.

Necessities, like high factor sun protection(international brands) can be purchased at every drug store or supermarket to low prices.

A cloth shop in Bailan
Shop for clothes and souvenirs in Bailan
Moving around Koh Chang
Koh Chang provides a main road following the coast nearly all around the island. You can rent a motorbike or car for fair conditions, you can take one of the many cheap share taxis or have a walk through amazing nature.

Please note: if you want to rent a motorbike on Koh Chang, you should be an experienced biker because of its steep mountains and the sometimes dangerous traffic.

Taxis on Koh Chang
Taxis on Koh Chang are white and have a yellow number plate. Only some of them have a "Taxi"-sign too.

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Siam Beach next Bailan on Koh Chang
Klong Phrao Beach on Koh Chang
Turtle on Koh Chang
Orchid from Bailan Koh Chang
Diving around Koh Chang
Sunset in Bailan Koh Chang