Bailan - Koh Chang - Thailand
Bailan - Koh Chang - Thailand
Bailan - Koh Chang - Thailand
Bailan - Koh Chang - Thailand
Bailan - Koh Chang - Thailand
Bailan - Koh Chang - Thailand
Bailan - Koh Chang
Bailan - Koh Chang
Bailan - Koh Chang - Thailand
Herbal Sauna Bailan
Herbal Sauna Bailan

Herbal Sauna Bailan is a steam sauna that offers pure natural treatments for hair, face and skin, massage and much more. Together with the ambient of the beautiful garden, the relaxing music and the friendly staff, it is the right place to pamper your body and soul for a price at local Thai level.

Every herb used in sauna and at the treatments comes fresh from our garden.

Herbal Sauna Bailan is located at the south of Bailan (see map), opposite to Bailan Inn and is open from 15.00h to 21.00h.

To contact Herbal Sauna Bailan, please call 08 6616 3785.

The Herbs used in Herbal Sauna Bailan
Prai: relieving muscular aches and pains, a natural emollient and aromatherapy.

Turmeric: has antiseptic properties and is used for moisturizing. It is anti-flammatory and anti-oxidant and used for healing stomach discomfort.

Galangal: is used for relieve digestive ailments and cures skin diseases.

Lemongrass: has antiseptic properties and the aroma relieves stress. It is good to smell it when you got hangovers.

Camphor: is used for cleaning minor infections.

Citronella: is antiseptic, antispasmodic, an organic insecticide (mosquito repelling), stomachic.

Kiffir lime fruits and leaves: is used as aromatherapy and is good for your hair.

Tamarind leave: has antibacterial properties (that is why the tree trunk is used for chopping blocks in Thai kitchens) and is refreshing your skin.
Skin Treatment in Herbal Sauna Bailan
Salt Scrub
Sea salt with scented essential oils that has antibacterial and aromatherapy properties and is used for exfoliating.
Just choose the scent you like.

Brown Rice Scrub
Let exfoliate your body with brown rice, some thai herbs and 5 kind of blended oil.

Tamarind Scrub
An asian beauty secret with tamarind, tumeric, honey and milk. It is good for moisturizing the whole body as it has antibiotic and gently exfoliating properties.
Mix all fresh ingredients until it becomes creamy like yoghurt and then apply it on the skin.

Face Treatment in Herbal Sauna Bailan
White Mud
White mud kaolin chalk mixed with milk, honey, turmeric, green tea, camphor, tamarind, EPO and rose water.
The hot steam in Sauna will open your skin's pores and the white mud helps draw out inpurities, heals wounds and clears rashes. Your face will turn clean and smooth.

Spirulina Facial Mask
A green fresh water algae that can be used for cleaning, tightening and moisturizing the skin. Spirulina aids to reduce wrinkles when you keep using it 1-2 times a week.

Face Treatment at Herbal Sauna Bailan
Hair Treatment in Herbal Sauna Bailan
Kiffir lime hair treatment
Our special blended Thai herb 'kiffir lime' mixed with organic honey, green tea, olive oil and sesame oil. It is used to make tresses soft and hair silky.

Vitamin Pro B 5
The concentrated organic vitamin in a small capsule aids your hair to get silky, shiny and soft. You can put it to your hair before or after sauna.
The Perfect Sauna Session in Herbal Sauna Bailan
Shower (using natural rain water). Apply the hair treatment.
Go for your first sauna.

Shower. Apply a body scrub.
Return to the sauna.

Shower. Apply a face mask and let it dry (a drink break!).
Return to the sauna.

Shower. Apply the moisturizing tamarind cream.
Return to the sauna. Shower.

Massage in Herbal Sauna Bailan
We offer an excellent, unique thai massage. It is original from Watt Pho, but adapted to the 'Farang' (western) body, where stress is accumulated in the neck and the back region.

The massage is slow in conjunction with your natural body rythm. Also, we use a little Shiatsu going deep into the muscle tissue without causing pain.

We only use special blended oil.

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